Did You Know?

Did you know in North Carolina the state minimum liability limits are 30,000 per person on bodily injury; 60,000 per accident on bodily injury; 25,000 for property damage?  That’s right go ahead and pull out your insurance policy that you tossed in your desk drawer at renewal.  Let’s review those limits.  Think about it, a major accident with at least two passengers, what do you think 30,000 person and 60,000 total will cover?  Medical cost are astronomical.  Property damage at 25,000 – you like that brand new Mercedes that just went by you?  Think it’s value is 25,000? 

When drivers think property damage they usually think only about vehicles.  Remember, property damage is more than just your vehicle.  Ever watch the news and see where a vehicle plowed into your local supermarket or your favorite restaurant?  Now, ask yourself if 25,000 property damage will cover the cost to fix those buildings!  Also, when you increase those limits to 50,000 and 100,000 – you are going to automatically have underinsured motorists coverage.  Meaning, when you are involved in a not a fault accident with another driver that is carrying those state minimum limits you will have some underinsured coverage to protect yourself!